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Our challenge

At The Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, guidelines, protocols and other clinical resources were stored and managed on an enterprise intranet.  

But it was difficult to find and make updates to those resources – or keep staff informed. And that meant paediatricians were struggling to make accurate decisions at the point of care.  

Our approach

Following extensive analysis, we deployed Clinical Companion in less than a week, with no demand on the hospital’s IT department.

Existing guidelines were loaded on to the platform and select staff could access them immediately on any device – online or offline.

Clinicians and paediatricians now receive updates automatically – saving them valuable time and giving them extra peace of mind.

Our impact

There’s been a significant and visible improvement in patient safety and staff confidence at The Royal Hospital for Children.  

An internal study showed Clinical Companion led to a 79% improvement in clinicians accurately answering clinical questions at the point of need. 

And the rollout was so successful, it’s been extended into other clinical areas, including Psychiatry and Obstetrics and Gynaecology.  

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